A Five-course Lobster Feast The ‘Aragosta di Mare’ Promotion at Walkerhill

A Five-course Lobster Feast
The ‘Aragosta di Mare’ Promotion at Walkerhill

DEL VINO, Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s signature Italian restaurant, presents the ‘Aragosta di Mare’ promotion, where you can enjoy a variety of amazing lobster dishes.

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‘Aragosta di Mare’, which means “Lobster of the Sea” in Italian, features succulent Maine lobster, and this impressive promotion offers a major upgrade from a typical set course menu. Courses will include soup, pasta and main dishes which all feature lobster as a major ingredient, providing a unique opportunity to try a variety of lobster dishes. At the end of October, which is when the promotion starts, the lobster’s crust hardens as it prepares for winter, and this makes the crustacean both more delicious and nutritious than during other seasons.

The five-course promotion will start with a lobster avocado salad. It then continues with a warm lobster bisque soup and lobster oil pasta, which will shock your taste buds with the rich taste of lobster. Main dishes include fresh lobster and Australian tenderloin steak, then finishes off with vanilla gelato and raspberry cake. The promotion will also include a glass of Epsilon Black sparkling wine, an extra dry wine known for its delicate bubbles and fruity aftertaste, which mixes perfectly with the lobster.

Aragosta di Mare will start on October 15th and continue until February 28th. The cost is KRW 280,000 for two guests. For more inquiries and reservations, please call 02-2022-0111. More information can be found on the Walkerhill Hotel and Resort website. (www.walkerhill.com)