Camping in the City: An Amazing Experience

If you want to immerse yourself in nature yet stay in the heart of the city, experience an amazing “Camping in the City” lunch or dinner outing. In addition to being surrounded by forest, you’ll enjoy stunning views of both Mt. Acha and the glorious Han River as well as delicious fresh barbeque to enjoy together. The following are some details on the great fun you will experience with your loved ones.

Exceptional Camping Facilities

Camping in the City offers two types of tents: the Indian Tent or the Opera Tent. Indian tents can accommodate up to 10 to 12 people, allowing for families or small groups to enjoy an exclusive camping retreat. The Opera Tents can accommodate up to 40 people, making them ideal for company excursions or family reunions that include the entire extended family. The area in front of Opera Tents has a covered outdoor area, ensuring a great camping experience in almost any weather.

All variety of necessary equipment is supplied, including blankets, capsule coffee, water, wet tissue, toilet paper, baby chairs, and all the supplies to enjoy your dining experience.

Diverse Menus That Use The Best Ingredients

Camping in the City uses only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. Indian A Course includes beef tenderloin, sirloin, Myongwolgwan ribs, lamb chops, marinated skirt steak, roast chicken legs, prawns, abalone and “Beer Chicken” for the mains. Indian B Course main dishes are beef tenderloin, beef sirloin, pork, Myongwolgwan ribs, roast chicken legs, prawns and abalone. The main dishes are all delivered to you in an airtight ice box, ensuring proper hygiene and allowing you to enjoy your barbecue on our own schedule.

Both Indian A and B Courses also include blueberry shrimp mayonnaise, Walkerhill smoked salmon, tomato broccoli salad, Korean herb salads, dwenjang stew and rice, a special dessert, vegetables and sweet potatoes to roast on the grill, leafy greens, Korean sauces, original cabbage kimchi & seasonal kimchi. For the families we have also prepared a Family Set & Together Set Promotion which includes child-friendly menu items.

Cooking Tips

As soon as you receive your charcoal, put the sweet potatoes on the barbeque but off to the side and away from the direct heat, so they can slow-roast and then be enjoyed as a sweet but healthy dessert. Then on the direct heat cook the dry-aged tenderloin and sirloin as well as the lamb chops to your desired temperature and doneness. Be sure to wear the provided gloves while barbecuing to prevent burns.

Be careful as the abalone can sometimes pop, so be careful when roasting it with the shell down. The prawns will cook quickly, so place them on in-direct heat and remove as soon as the color changes. The sausage has already been cooked during the smoking process, so just heat it up slightly along with the vegetables.

If you choose the Indian A course, after you have fully cooked the beer chicken, it will be fully trimmed by our staff for your dining convenience.

After wrapping up the meal with brisket dwenjang, you will get a special dessert to finish off the meal. Don’t forget those slow-roasted sweet potatoes that we put on at the beginning!

Avoid Cooking Tip:
If you would like to have a Walkerhill chef personally barbeque every dish to perfection, apply for “Chef Service” while making your reservation. Each chef can serve up to 12 people and their services cost KRW 150,000.

Play Time

Grassy Fields & Sporting Equipment 

The area in front of your Camping in the City tent is a wide-open grassy field where both children and adults can run around. One side hosts sports fields for soccer, badminton, catch ball and darts, and there is even a giant trampoline for the kids to jump on.

There is also a fun squirrel home to entertain the kids, home to the adorable Walkerhill mascots, Aram and Charam.

Make Camping Zone Photo Memories

You’ll also find unique hats and costumes in the Camping Zone, so you can dress up like characters from the Wild West. Why not dress up and memorialize your day with some fun photos?

Challenge Each Other in the Game Zone

If you are a bit tired of playing outdoors, head on over to the arcade. Spend a little time challenging each other to some arcade games.

□ Hours
– Lunch (weekends and holidays only) 10:30~14:30
– Dinner 17:30~21:30
□ Price * Minimum 2 Persons
– Indian A course (adult basis) : KRW 180,000 on weekdays, KRW 200,000 on weekends and holidays
– Indian B course (adult basis) : KRW 150,000 on weekdays, KRW 170,000 on weekends and holidays
– Children : KRW 50,000 on weekdays, KRW 60,000 on weekends and holidays
– Family Set(2 adults and 1 child) : KRW 280,000
– Together Set(2 adults and 2 children) : KRW 330,000