Geumryong: Chinese Restaurant

Discover the perfect harmony of culinary traditions from Shanghai, Sichuan, Beijing and Canton at Grand Walkerhill Seoul’s signature Chinese restaurant Geumryong. Menu options have been carefully curated and boast rare delicacies enjoyed by the likes of Emperor Qianlong, giving every guest a truly royal Chinese dining experience. Located on the first floor of the Grand Walkerhill in Seoul, Geumryong has a variety of private dining rooms for groups ranging from 4 to 20 persons. Many of these rooms boast amazing views of the Han River, making it ideal for important dinners and special family gatherings.

Geumryong specializes in Cantonese cuisine. Since the 16th century, the Canton region has been a hub of international trade, and the influence of foreign cultures has created a unique strain of Chinese cuisine. Many seafood dishes use ingredients and seasonings normally considered Western, while the focus on fresh ingredients maintains the Cantonese local influence. Diverse textures are achieved with the high-temperature cooking which also uses less oil. Here are some of the popular and unique Cantonese dishes you can discover at Geumryong.

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is a dish introduced to the world when Mao Zedong served it to US President Nixon during a state dinner. With a taste so good that even monks are tempted to jump the temple wall and forgo their vegetarian lifestyles to enjoy, this variation of shark’s fin soup is known for its medicinal ingredients and stamina-inducing after effects. Priced at only KRW 110,000, our authentic and delicious Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is a bargain compared to the exorbitant prices found in China, making this one of the most popular dishes at Geumryong.

Course Meal “Baekun”

Experience a variety of unique Chinese cuisine with the Baekun Course meal, which delivers on some of the most popular dishes among our Chinese guests. Discover famous Cantonese Dim Sum, “Gold Shaolong” seafood, the healthy Sabotang and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. The course starts with a starch appetizer, whole abalone, Gold Shaolong, 3 Dim Sum, Geumryong Sabotang and finally Buddha’s Temptation, Korean beef tenderloin sauce, a noodle or rice dish, and dessert, all served for only KRW 150,000 won per person.

Handmade Dim Sum

Our chef from mainland China brings you truly authentic Dim Sum made to order, ensuring it is fresh and fragrant. The Dim Sum varieties Shanghai style Soryongpo (25,000 won), Shomai (22,000 won), Peochaegyo (22,000 won), Birds Nest Hagao (120,000 won) and Caviar Shomai (150,000 won).

Beijing Duck

Classic Peking dishes are also available at Geumryong, including the world-famous Peking Duck. Known as the dish of the royal Emperor’s court, it is characterized by crispy skin and an unforgettable sweet flavor.

Yum Cha Afternoon

Yum Cha (饮茶) is the Cantonese phrase for ‘drink tea’. This cultural tradition of the Chinese involves a leisurely afternoon conversation over Dim Sum and drinks. If you would like to truly savor time with friends and loved ones, why not spend a relaxing Yum Cha Afternoon with us.

□ Hours
– Lunch: 12:00 – 14:30
– Yum Cha Afternoon: 14:30 – 17:00 (Dim Sum & a la carte menu only)
– Dinner: 17:00 – 22:00
□ Reservations and Inquiries +82.2.450.4512