Walkerhill Organizes ‘Global Wellness Day’ Event

A Day of Assessing Habits and Making Healthier Choices
Walkerhill Organizes ‘Global Wellness Day’ Event

• The June 8th Global Wellness Day event was dedicated physical and mental health and encouraging a healthy lifestyle
• Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s comprehensive lifestyle and wellness program focuses on ‘Living Vividly’

비스타 워커힐 서울, 웰니스 클럽, 2018 글로벌 웰니스 데이, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Wellness Club, 2018 Global Wellness Day

[Photo caption: Participants in a yoga class during Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s 2018 Global Wellness Day]

On June 8th, Vista Walkerhill Seoul organized a ‘Global Wellness Day’ program focusing on health and improving daily habits. Launched in 2017, this marks the 3rd ‘Global Wellness Day’ event organized and operated based on Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s Wellness Program.

Starting in 2012, Global Wellness Day is part of a global nonprofit campaign held annually on the second Saturday in June. Its slogan is “One day, can change your whole life!” The aim is to encourage attendees to reflect and plan for a more lively and healthier lifestyle, and connect those plans to their personal and social values.

Many diverse wellness programs were put on at Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s Wellness Club and other hotel facilities after having been nominated for the honor to host by the Korea Tourism Organization. At this year’s ‘Global Wellness Day’, official sponsors and invited officials from the Korea Tourism Organization participated in the program. Events included stretching and walking, posture correction at the social lounge ‘Re:BAR’, paddle yoga in the swimming pool, and other trendy fitness programs like body art, GYROKINESIS Pilates, and Hiplet. The program finished off with meditative yoga at Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s rooftop space ‘SKYARD’.

비스타 워커힐 서울, 웰니스 클럽, 2018 글로벌 웰니스 데이, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Wellness Club, 2018 Global Wellness Day

[Photo caption: Paddle yoga from the 2018 ‘Global Wellness Day’ at Vista Walkerhill Seoul]

The Vista Walkerhill Seoul Wellness Club is operated by HEALTH CONNECT, a healthcare management company created as a joint venture between Seoul National University and SK Telecom. Our Wellness Stay Program is the first sustainable healthcare solution in Korea. The unique offerings include official equipment from world-famous manufacturers like Sling, Hypoxi & Winback as well as posture correction and nutritional counseling. The personal concierge service combines nature and science to help customers to start and sustain a healthier, more lively lifestyle.

“Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s Wellness Programs are a professional healthcare service that works to create a continuous, balanced mental and physical lifestyle”, the Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s Room Team Manager Eunmi Hwang stated. “This year’s Global Wellness Day by Vista Walkerhill Seoul provided an energetic day of change via this wellness lifestyle experience.”

Meanwhile, based on the hotel’s “Refreshing. Vividly.” concept, Vista Walkerhill Seoul provided participants with an energizing experience rather than just a relaxing one. Our hotel collaborates with diverse organizations and groups to deliver new and exciting cultural events that communicate our unique values through customer experiences. Our year-round Wellness Program is key to this strategy, with its goal of ‘VISTAYFIT’. This unique program inspires a lasting, healthy change to participants diet, body & mind.

Please call +82.2.2022.0450/0451 for more information or visit Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s site at www.vistawalkerhillseoul.com for more detailed information.