Walkerhill Celebrates ‘Global Wellness Day’

A Healthy Lifestyle Encompassing Both the Mind and Body in a Day of True Change
Walkerhill Celebrates ‘Global Wellness Day’

• On June 8th, Global Wellness Day, evaluate your lifestyle and the health of both mind and body
• With over a hundred participants, Vista Walkerhill Seoul delivers a variety of wellness program experiences to share a vibrant lifestyle.

Vista Walkerhill Seoul, run by Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts, held “Global Wellness Day” celebrations on Saturday, June 8, successfully promoting healthy lifestyle habits and our unique wellness program.

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[Photo caption: On the 8th of June, Global Wellness Day held at Vista Walkerhill in Seoul included about 130 customers and special guests. The photo shows the participants after the opening session, receiving guidance from a professional lecturer.]

Global Wellness Day is an international nonprofit campaign held on the second Saturday of June every year under the slogan ‘One day, can change your whole life!’. Participants take this opportunity to ask themselves what they can do for a healthier life, with consideration of both personal and social values. This event has been held annually since 2012, with diverse events in over 5,000 locations in 100 countries around the world, including Vista Walkerhill Seoul, which has participated since 2017.

비스타 워커힐 서울, 웰니스 클럽, 2019 글로벌 웰니스 데이, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Wellness Club, 2019 Global Wellness Day

[Photo caption: The photo wall commemorating Global Wellness Day on June 8th. It emphasizes the Vista Walkerhill Seoul slogan, ‘Refreshing. Vividly.’.]

The Korea Tourism Organization selected the Wellness Club of Vista Walkerhill in Seoul to hold the event as the signature wellness facility in Korea. This year’s event hosted 130 guests and participants, including special supporters of the Korea Tourism Organization, who attended the Global Wellness Day event to check their lifestyle and overall health.

The Global Wellness Day celebration inspires participants to maintain a healthy life in both mind and body through the wellness programs of Vista Walkerhill Seoul, which always delivers the feeling of “Refreshing. Vividly.” The participants left quite satisfied.

Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts Vice Chairman explained, “Vista Walkerhill Seoul, the value of ‘Refreshing. Vividly.’ is the meaningful pursuit of change vitality and new ideas. The philosophy of Global Wellness Day is quite compatible with the ethos of Vista Walkerhill Seoul.”

“One of these strategies is to create a wellness program for Vista Walkerhill Seoul, which is a year-round wellness program that combines VISTA and STAY FIT with the theme of ‘VISTAYFIT’. This creates new changes from healthy food and vigorous exercise. Everyone who participated in the Global Wellness Day event shares the wellness goals defined by Vista Walkerhill Seoul and experienced change and improved health in body and mind.”

비스타 워커힐 서울, 웰니스 클럽, 2019 글로벌 웰니스 데이, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Wellness Club, 2019 Global Wellness Day

[Photo caption: Vista Walkerhill Seoul presented ‘Global Wellness Day’ on Saturday, June 8th. Participants saw a real change in the health and wellbeing of both mind and body. The photograph shows participants experiencing ‘Pilates Gyrokinesis’ to help stimulate all the body’s systems simultaneously.]

After the opening session, each group experienced training sessions including body art, hip hop dance, pilates gyrokinesis and ‘Vivid Dance’ (Zoomba). Training programs such as meditation and paddle yoga were provided under the guidance of a professional instructor. Participants were able to train not only the body but also the muscles of the mind through the outdoor sessions of Therapy Yoga, held in SKYARD overlooking the Han River, the rooftop space of Vista Walkerhill Seoul.

비스타 워커힐 서울, 웰니스 클럽, 2019 글로벌 웰니스 데이, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Wellness Club, 2019 Global Wellness Day

[Photo caption: After the opening session of Global Wellness Day in Vista Walkerhill Seoul, each group experienced various programs under the guidance of a professional instructor. The photograph shows participants experiencing Therapy Yoga overlooking the Han River from the rooftop space, SKYARD.]

In particular, Singing Ball Meditation is a program that attracts many participants. Singing Ball is well-known as a training method that helps people who are suffering from stress and have difficulty resting even when taking a break. Focusing on speakers that play the sounds that occur when playing balls made of metal, the participants can relax on the mat and experience mental stability.

Participants were also able to experience specialized rehabilitation equipment such as Sling, Hypoxi, Winback, and posture and body correction programs provided by Vista Walkerhill Seoul Wellness Club.

The wellness program of Vista Walkerhill Seoul promotes not only exercise programs but also a healthy diet. Meals should be good for health, but it is not a ‘healthy diet’ that removes the joy of eating. In addition, between programs guests were able to enjoy the foot spa in SKYARD and take full advantage of the wellness opportunities at Vista Walkerhill Seoul.

For further information and reservations for the year-round wellness program at Vista Walkerhill Seoul, please call (+82.2.2022.0450 / 0451). For more information, visit the Vista Walkerhill Seoul website (www.vistawalkerhillseoul.com).