Walkerhill’s 2019 Lunar New Year’s Gift Sets

Give the Gift of Health and Happiness in the New Year
Walkerhill’s 2019 Lunar New Year’s Gift Sets

● With premium gift sets like “Sabotang” from Chinese restaurant Geumryong, delicious eel specialties from Japanese restaurant Moegi, Walkerhill gives you abundant healthy gift options.
● We also offer plenty of reasonably-priced options like elegant specialty nuts, handmade chocolates and more.

The Walkerhill Hotel and Resort is offering a variety of gift sets for the 2019 Lunar New Year.

To start off, special energy-boosting gift sets have been created to help you wish loved ones a healthy 2019. Geumryong, Walkerhill’s Chinese restaurant, presents its “Sabotan”, which features sea cucumber, abalone, natural pine mushrooms and fish balls carefully slow-boiled for over 12 hours. Sabotan is Geumryong’s signature dish, representing nutrition, taste and health (KRW 360,000 for 6 servings).

워커힐, 선물특선, Walkerhill, Gift Set

“Sabotang” from Chinese restaurant Geumryong

Japanese restaurant Moegi also offers its specialty eel made using the traditional Japanese “Yobimodoshi” technique (KRW 400,000 for 5 servings). Korean restaurant Ondal brings you their soy sauce-marinated raw crab (KRW 550,000 KR for 3 kgs) while Korean barbeque restaurant Myongwolgwan will presents a premium short rib soup (Galbitang) gift set for KRW 113,000.

워커힐, 선물특선, Walkerhill, Gift Set

“A premium short rib soup (Galbitang) gift set” from Korean barbeque restaurant Myongwolgwan

Walkerhill will also exhibit a luxurious kimchi gift set with kimchi made using expertise gained from more than 20 years of careful research of our Kimchi Research Center.

There will also be a variety of smaller gift sets, including specialty nuts and Walkerhill chocolate sets, offered at lower price points. The Walkerhill R&D Center has developed its own unique nutritional snacks using the least sugar possible to to maximize the flavors of the nuts, like walnuts, pecans, date palms, etc. Walkerhill chocolates are handmade from the finest Grand Cru cacao, which integrates with the soft ganache to create a perfect balance. This chocolate, hand-made with our chocolatier’s delicate touch, will be combined in a set also featuring Walkerhill’s signature Bean to Bar chocolate.

And that’s not all. From traditional dried fish gift sets to premium beef and pork sets from Ondal and Myongwolgwan and signature wine sets selected by the Walkerhill sommelier, there are a wide variety of gift sets to choose from.

For detailed information or to purchase these gift sets, please call 02-455-5000. More information can be found on the Walkerhill site, www.walkerhill.com.