Introducing Grand Walkerhill Seoul’s “Beautifruit: The Princess”

Discover a Stunning Autumn Dessert Buffet
Introducing Grand Walkerhill Seoul’s “Beautifruit: The Princess”

• Weekends September 21 – December 1 visit our dessert buffet to sweeten up your autumn.
•  This truly “Instagrammable” dessert party concept highlights the bounty of the season’s fresh fruit and the beauty of Walkerhill with a colorful interior decor.

[Image: Walkerhill’s Autumn Dessert Buffet with a royal English tea time theme. “The Princess” is this year’s special concept.]

In celebration of the fall season’s abundant harvest, Grand Walkerhill Seoul’s lobby lounge, “The Pavillion,” presents its lovely dessert buffet “Beautifruit: The Princess”. Guests can attend weekends from September 21 to December 1.

A regular fall event that grows in popularity with each season, the moniker for the “Beautifruit” event represents “fruit that becomes beautiful when eaten.” This year’s “Beautifruit: The Princess” theme is based on a tea party for British royal queens, with a pink-and-white decor. Walkerhill dessert promotions have taken place with the change of seasons for years now, with the “Berry Berry Strawberry Festival” in the spring season and “Beautifruit Dessert Buffet” in the fall season.

[Image: “Beautifruit: The Princess”Autumn Dessert Buffet Emphasizes Pink and White]

The upcoming “Beautifruit: The Princess” will be particularly “Instagrammable” thanks to its dessert party concept, adding visual excitement through elegant decorations to the wide variety of dessert dishes developed by the Walkerhill patissier. A total of more than 30 desserts and savory dishes will be served, including signature desserts like Crown Cakes, Pink Dress Cream Cakes and Pearl Macaroons. Grape Tarts, Berry Pomegranate Rolls, Blueberry Mascarpone Mont Blanc will be among the fruit-focused desserts while Mediterranean Seafood Bouillabaisse & Lobster Pasta will be among the hot dishes and Open-faced Sandwiches & Baby Sushi are some of the cold dishes making up this impressive assortment.

“Even though the opening is still a week away, September reservations are already full thanks to the enthusiastic response from customers following the Early Bird promotion for “Beautifruit: The Princess.” The great success of this autumn dessert buffet comes from its emphasis on seasonal fruit to represent the abundant harvest of fall,” said an official from Walkerhill’s Food & Beverage Department.

Walkerhill’s “Beautifruit: The Princess” will take place in the lobby lounge, “The Pavillion” every Saturday and Sunday from September 21 to December 1. The first seating is from 1 to 3 p.m. and the second seating is from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. The price is KRW 58,000 per person, which includes tax and service charge. (Elementary Schoolers: KRW 38,000 won/Toddlers: KRW 28,000)

For more information and reservations, call 02-455-5000 or visit the Walkerhill website at