The Exclusive ‘Famiglia Marrone’ Winemaker Dinner or The 18th Faro Grand Wine Dinner

Enjoy a Gala Course Dinner on a Warm Spring Evening
The Exclusive ‘Famiglia Marrone’ Winemaker Dinner or The 18th Faro Grand Wine Dinner

• Vista Walkerhill Seoul ‘Del Vino’ presents the “Famiglia Marrone Wine Makers Dinner”, an evening with guests from the family-run winery in Piemonte, Italy
• The Walkerhill also announces its 6-course wine & dinner pairing with Japanese and Chinese dishes at ‘Faro Grand’

Walkerhill Hotel & Resort (hereinafter referred to as Walkerhill) introduces wine dinners at two different venues created especially to take advantage of the glorious spring temperatures.

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[Photo caption: Owner and winemaker Gian Piero Marrone who will be joining the Famiglia Marrone Wine Maker Dinner at Del Vino Italian Restaurant in Vista Walkerhill Seoul]

Vista Walkerhill Seoul will host the Famiglia Marrone Wine Makers Dinner Wednesday, May 22nd at the Italian restaurant Del Vino. Famiglia Marrone, located in the Piedmont region of Italy, is a family-run winery which boasts 5 generations of culinary heritage and is famous for receiving for many impressive wine awards, including from Five Star Wines (2017) and Decanters (2017).

Gian Piero Marrone, owner and winemaker of the Famiglia Marrone, will share the inside story of the amazing wines created by his family’s vineyard. In addition, Paolo Garabello, the chief chef in the dining room at Famiglia Marrone, has personally organized the dishes that will be paired with each wine, conveying taste inspired by the local nature and soil from which the wine was produced. A total of seven courses from Amuse Bouche to dessert, will be paired with seven exquisite wines to recreate a dinner experience like that at the local winery. The price is KRW 200,000 per adult (including VAT).

Stay tuned because Del Vino, which has played host to both Michelin Star Gala Dinners and Walkerhill Gala Dinners, will continue to hold these sorts of special winemaker dinners.

워커힐호텔, 파로 그랜드, 내부 전경, Walkerhill, Faro Grand, Interior

[Photo caption: The interior of Faro Grand skyview restaurant in Euljiro, Jung-gu, operated by Walkerhill]

The 18th incarnation of our famous Wine Dinner will be held on May 18th at the Walkerhill restaurant Faro Grand, which situated high in the sky on the 36th floor of a skyscraper in Euljiro, Jung-gu. Fans of the wine pairing events held at Faro Grand have been growing with each occasion, particularly because of the unique combination of Japanese and Chinese cuisine served with a backdrop of stunning nighttime scenery of the metropolitan area. Five wines selected from European wine regions such as Italy, Spain and France are served. Famous chefs Yoo Tae-il and Kim Soon-tae, who are in charge of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, offer a menu of six courses that will complement the spring evening. At this Faro Grand Wine Dinner, you will partake of “Medici Ermete Concerto”, Italy’s representative sparkling wine, “Marqués de Riscal Reserva” made by the Spanish royal winery, and “Château Belgrave Grand Cru Classe Haut-Médoc”. These amazing wines will be paired with special dishes including Zensai, a Japanese appetizer, Chinese Ginseng rice, and Chinese blackpepper beef tenderloin. The price is KRW 130,000 per person (VAT included).

For more information and reservations, please contact Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s Del Vino Italian restaurant at +82-2-2022-0111 and Faro Grand +82-2-6030-8285.