Grand Walkerhill Seoul Introduces Mobile Concierge Service

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Grand Walkerhill Seoul Introduces Mobile Concierge Service

• Grand Walkerhill Seoul launches mobile concierge service for all rooms.
• From personal service to room service, order anything through a personal mobile device

Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts announced that beginning in March they will offer a mobile concierge service in all rooms of Grand Walkerhill Seoul to provide the ultimate in hotel service.

Walkerhill has already provided hotel concierge services via iPad in the Vista Walkerhill Seoul hotel since 2017, and has received rave reviews from customers. Grand Walkerhill Seoul’s mobile concierge service will provide even more convenience by allowing customers to easily request the services they need with their personal mobile devices.

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Grand Walkerhill Seoul’s mobile concierge service is available not only in the hotel rooms but anywhere, so guests can request services to be provided when they are scheduled to return to the hotel. Guests can order room service or request to have their rooms cleaned, additional hotel amenities or information on events and promotions. What previously was only possible via the in-room telephone is now available to guests anywhere, anytime, whether inside the hotel or out, providing a unique digital service.

The mobile concierge service is a revolutionary hotel amenity developed in cooperation with iRiS, a hospital specialty mobile software developer based in London, UK, and AMADEUS, a leader in Global Distribution System (GDS) development and operation. It was first introduced to the domestic hotel industry by Vista Walkerhill Seoul in 2017.

When the customer uses the mobile concierge service, the service request is received through the iRiS system, and sent to the team member who can perform the customer request in real time through the Amadeus “HotSOS System”. This enables efficient service operation by eliminating the intermediary process that was previously handled by the customer management center.

Starting in March, Grand Walkerhill Seoul will provide a special QR code and detailed instructions on how to use the mobile concierge service at check-in. Guests will appreciate that they can conveniently request hotel services on their personal mobile devices through QR codes and links without having to install any applications.

Hwang, Eun-mi, room manager of Walkerhill explains, “Grand Walkerhill Seoul offers the mobile concierge service through smartphone while Vista Walkerhill Seoul offers this service through iPad. We will be able to compare customer preferences at each hotel in order to provide the most possible value to the customer.” She continued, “Additionally, by analysing data regarding customer requests for everything from additional toiletry supplies to room service, we will be able to constantly use big data to provide the ultimate in personal services.”