Announcing a First for Korea: Every Room in the Vista Walkerhill Seoul Hotel Equipped with AI Enabled IoT Service

As of September 17th, every room at the Vista Walkerhill Seoul features SK Telecom’s “Nugu”, an artificial intelligence-based Internet of Things (IoT) service. A testing phase was conducted in limited guestrooms during the month of August, during which the system was improved based on customer usage patterns. But now the system has been implemented in all 250 rooms at the Vista Walkerhill Seoul, drawing considerable attention as it will be the first hotel in Korea to launch an in-room IoT service.

The testing phase in August was conducted on 2 floors and in 44 guest rooms at the Vista Walkerhill Seoul, during which Nugu’s AI technology collected data from usage patterns and customer feedback.

In an effort to create a “conversation with the guest room”, Vista Walkerhill’s AI IoT technology allows guests to verbally control room lighting, curtain opening and closing, and internal temperature settings. The technology also can play ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) tracks to deliver natural soundscapes like ocean, forest and aviary surroundings to give guests the feeling that they are in nature. Guests can now simply verbally state common requests like “Do not disturb,” or “Please clean my room.” rather than hanging signs on the door. Frequently asked questions such as, “What is check-out time?” or “What time is breakfast?” or “Where is the shuttle bus pick-up location?” can be instantly answered by just asking the question in the room. Through the implementation of this AI technology, the Vista Walkerhill Seoul hopes to improve and expand customer service offerings.

This is just the latest step in the march to make Vista Walkerhill Seoul a city-center lifestyle space where nature and technology coexist while at the same time enhancing customer value and convenience. Vista Walkerhill vows to continue to improve the intelligent digital services based on the feedback they accumulate from customers.