Introducing Walkerhill’s “Golden Night” Promotion at Pizza Hill

Spend a Cool Summer Night Sipping Unlimited Beer!
Introducing Walkerhill’s “Golden Night” Promotion at Pizza Hill

• Cool off on Pizza Hill’s outdoor terrace with our premium beer fest ‘Pizza Hill Golden Night’ until October 11th.

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[Photo caption: ‘Pizza HIll Golden Night’ buffet menu items]

Enjoy the ‘Pizza Hill Golden Night’ promotion event at Pizza Hill, Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s pizza restaurant, on the outdoor terrace – where you can drink unlimited beer and dine on a semi-buffet now through October 11th.

‘Golden Night’ is a promotion where you can enjoy unlimited premium quality draft beer and a semi-buffet on Pizza Hill’s outdoor terrace. The buffet is made up of a variety of dishes specifically chosen to compliment the beer, including Pork Ribs, Salads, Tomato Salmon, Chicken Gold Wings and Cheese Pizza.

Earlier this year Pizza Hill installed automatic awnings on the terrace to ensure that guests can enjoy the outdoors no matter what they weather. The hot summer sunshine or autumn rain won’t stop you from relaxing in the outdoors underneath our lovely new awnings.

비스타 워커힐 서울, 피자힐, 외부 전경, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Pizza Hill, Exterior

[Photo caption: The exterior of Walkerhill’s pizza restaurant, Pizza Hill]

Pizza Hill’s ‘Golden Night’ is available every Thursday and Friday from 7 to 10 pm now through October 11th. Pricing is KRW 60,000 for each person (tax and service fee included), and guests can upgrade Stella Artois beer for an additional KRW 10,000. If there is a Thursday that coincides with a national holiday, ‘Golden Night’ will be held on Wednesday. On Wednesdays and Thursdays guests can receive a 10% discount when they book through Naver.

Call +82-2-450-4699 for reservations and other inquiries, and visit the Walkerhill website ( for more information.