The “Vista” Brand is Renewed In Honor of Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s 2nd Anniversary

The “Vista” Brand is Renewed In Honor of Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s 2nd Anniversary

• Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s brand renewal project centers on differentiation of the brand based on the “Refreshing Vividly” concept and establishing a new operational direction
• Realization of the concept will start with 4 campaigns: VISTAYFIT, VISTART, VISTAGE, VISTASTE
• Vista Walkerhill Seoul will create a new lifestyle brand based on the “Refreshing, Vividly” concept.

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Vista Walkerhill Seoul, the hotel has undertaken a renewal of the “Vista” brand concept.

The independent “Vista” brand got its start in April of 2017 with the opening of Vista Walkerhill Seoul on the former site of Seoul’s signature lifestyle hotel, the W Hotel. Based on the Walkerhill’s 50 years of accumulated know-how in the hotel & restaurant industry and the creative DNA of the team, it revitalized and inspired the lives of guests. Implementing aspects of art, culture and technology, the hotel seeks to provide a unique stay experience that goes beyond simple relaxation to both inspire and positively impact the lives of guests.


[Photo: The exterior of Vista Walkerhill Seoul.]

After two years of operation, Vista Walkerhill Seoul is carrying out various program renewals for every aspect of the brand, including training, program development, service reorganization and new product development. This is all in an effort to ensure that every aspect of the guest experience reflects a brand value exclusively available at Vista.

Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s “Refreshing, Vividly” brand concept consistently delivers a new dimension of service that goes beyond just “rest” to energize and deliver new experiences. Vista will organize events that can be experienced by customers through various fields of arts and culture and collaboration. Guests can expect collaborations with a diverse group of artistic and cultural organizations to deliver events exclusively available to the Vista brand.

There are four key brand campaigns that will be crucial to the “Refreshing, Vividly” brand renewal: VISTAFIT, VISTART, VISTAGE, VISTASTE. These campaigns give guests experiences that can have a revitalizing impact on lifestyle and introduce new ideas that will last beyond a short hotel stay.

VISTAFIT encourages guests to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into daily habits with the introduction of healthy diet and invigorating activities. The Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s year-round Wellness Program is integral to VISTAYFIT, as it trains guests in techniques for improving both physical and mental health while maintaining a life of abundance. The Wellness Program team also participates in Global Wellness Day, a health campaign held on the second Saturday in June each year by international nonprofit organization.

비스타 워커힐 서울, VISTART, 비스타아트, 월간디자인

[Photo: VISTART ROAD introduces the latest trends in art through its group exhibition of up-and-coming artists.]

VISTART has been designed to reinforce the Vista brand’s image as a creative hotel by introducing the latest art trends, and providing new inspiration to leading trends. By discovering the visionary new artists who will lead the domestic art world and exhibiting the work of these artists will provide customers with a travel experience unique to Vista. Now through October 31 the VISTART ZONE & VISTART ROAD are on display in the Vista Walkerhill Seoul Lobby.

비스타 워커힐 서울, VISTART, 길종상가, 비스타아트

[Photo: VISTA’s new PhotoZone is part of the VISTART mission to introduce the latest art trends.]

VISTAGE produces collaborations with original performers to deliver fresh musical stimuli. In the second half of the year VISTASTE will showcase rare culinary cultural experiences rich with designer alcoholic beverages and flavorful dishes.


[Photo: VISTAGE will stage musical performances with up-and-coming creative artists challenging the status quo.]

Head of Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts, Do Jung-seop explains, “Vista Walkerhill Seoul will become a lifestyle brand that brings fresh insight to guests & inspire change through its concept of ‘Refreshing, Vividly.’ We will continue to offer vitality and new ideas and hope that guests will continue to watch as the Vista brand revitalization campaign inspires an entirely new culture of the “Vivid” escape.”

Executive director of the Walkerhill Hotel Business Division, Kim Cheol-ho shared, “The revitalizing natural surroundings combine with mind-blowing music and cultural events in our 4 exclusive brand campaigns of Vista in an effort to provide guests with new vigor in their daily life even after their stay with us. Through the many unique programs prepared by Vista Walkerhill Seoul we hope that guests will sincerely appreciate the evolution of Vista.”

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