Introducing A Set of Stay Packages Reflecting the Work/Life Balance Trends of Walkerhill

Choose from an array of unique retreat options: Art, Wellness & Pet Retreats!
Introducing A Set of Stay Packages Reflecting the Work/Life Balance Trends of Walkerhill

• An Artistic Retreat Package, Wellness Retreat Package, Pet Retreat Package & ….
• Admiring works of art with the VISTART Package will inspire would-be artists
• Our Wellness Retreat Package will inspire anyone to live a healthier, more vibrant life
• Your pet can join you for a Pet Retreat, and you can join programs put on by leisure experts

Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts has recently created three different types of room package retreats for travelers who want to get out of the crowded city for a true escape. These packages reflect the hottest consumer trends, including the recent focus on finding a better work/life balance.

To start us off, the Vista Walkerhill Seoul offers a ‘VISTART’ retreat stay package, which takes advantage of the VISTART exhibition, happening now through until Dec. 31.

[Image: VISTA X CORKCICLE tumbler, made in collaboration with VISTART ZONE artist Kim Man-soon]

The “VISTART Special Room Package”, designed to commemorate the first ever VISTART exhibition, includes 1 night in a Vista Deluxe room, breakfast for 2 at “The Buffet”, access to the indoor swimming pool & fitness center and free admission to SKYARD, Vista’s rooftop garden space. Additionally, guests can attend the signature afternoon lounge service “VIVID HOUR,” which allows people to enjoy a cool happy hour while taking in the spectacular hot summer views of the Han River and the city center. Finally, guests staying on the VISTART Special Room Package will also receive a VISTA X CORKCICLE tumbler, a Vista Brand good and the fruit of a collaboration with artist Kim Man-soon, one of the photographers whose work is on display on VISTART ROAD. The VISTART Special Room Package starts at KRW 285,000 two adults.

The VISTART exhibition, a key component of the Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s brand renewal,  will be on display in the Vista Walkerhill Seoul lobby now through Oct. 31, 2019. Near the front entrance to Vista Walkerhill Seoul, guests can appreciate the VISTART Zone, a unique work by “Giljong Sangga” (Park Kil-jong) inspired by Vista Walkerhill Seoul. In the corridor beyond the lobby is VISTART ROAD which displays artwork from up-and-coming artists. Art displays are just one way that Vista plans to cement its reputation as the trendsetter of the lifestyle hotel space, boosting guest satisfaction and making each stay more meaningful.

비스타 워커힐 서울, 웰니스 패키지

[Image: The Wellness Retreat Package was designed to increase health and vitality.]

Don’t miss the “Wellness Package”, which incorporates programs from Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s Wellness Club, selected by the Korea Tourism Organization as Korea’s signature fitness facility. The Healthcare Concierge Service provides one-on-one counseling from professional nutritionists and trainers to help you meet your health & fitness goals through nutrition and exercise.

The Wellness Package combines a stay in a guest room at any one of the hotels in the Walkerhill Complex (Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Douglas House) and a Wellness Program. The Wellness Programs are exclusively available to hotel guests and the cost starts at KRW 770,000 for a 3-day, 2-night program, KRW 360,000 for a 2-day, 1-night program, and KRW 180,000 for a half-day program. Room cost starts start at KRW 240,000 for a 1-night stay in a Vista Walkerhill Seoul exclusive Wellness room (includes breakfast for 1). Guests can additionally choose to try our premium spa with the Wellness Facial-Body Treatment or healthy cuisine with wellness foods. We also offer selected “GX Programs” that allow you to enjoy group exercise programs.

[Image: The “Oh, My Pet” package gives you the opportunity to escape with your pets.]

The “Oh! My Pet” room package allows guests to stay with their precious puppy and is available year-round. It includes a 1-night stay in a Vista Walkerhill Seoul Pet Concept Room, breakfast for 2 at the “The Buffet” and a Pet Welcome Kit with dog toys, a Vista dog tag and pet waste clean-up bags. The Vista Pet Concept Room is a special space decorated to maximize your time with your canine companion, featuring a doggie bed and pillow, a table, dish, dryer, a bathrobe and towel. The minibar is also equipped with drinks and snacks for your pet. There is even a cute doggie outfit to dress your pet in and make special memories with your beloved pooch. Prices start at KRW 320,000 on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) and KRW 390,000 on weekends. (Prices based on a single pet under 15 kg. No pet food provided.)
비스타 워커힐 서울, 리프레시 유어 펫, Refresh Your Pet, 펫 케어 서비스, Pet Care Service

[Image : The “Refresh Your Pet” program provides customized pet care services from animal behavior experts.]

All hotel guests are welcome to join the “WALKEE” program, which helps visitors enjoy outdoor activities while staying at the hotel. WALKEE is a Walkerhill leisure expert who holds professional certificates in fields like yoga, swimming and forestry, allowing them to provide healing to diverse guests through activities. For dog lovers, Vista created the ‘Refresh Your Pet’ program this year. This program designed for customers using the “Oh! My Pet” package, and takes guests and their dogs on a walk through the Walkerhill Healing Forest with an experienced pet care professional who will guide them through play like frisbee and nose work. Walkerhill is the only luxury hotel in Korea with a pet trainer on staff to provide pet-related services.

In addition, the diverse WALKEE program offers experiences exclusively available at Walkerhill, including a Mt. Acha Walking Tour, A Walk in the Walkerhill Healing Forest, BODY UP and PLAY GYM.

For more information and reservations for the room packages, please call +82-2-2022-0000 or visit the official Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts website (