Announcing the 2019 Walkerhill Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring is in full bloom at the Walkerhill, where cherry blossoms flutter in the wind!
Announcing the 2019 Walkerhill Cherry Blossom Festival

• Get ready for a ton of different F & B promotions, including the “A Walk in the Clouds ” Beer & Wine Fair and your choice of 3 different gourmet dining experiences!
• A “Newtro” (new + retro) concept will motivate performances, a photo zone, parties and more.

Walkerhill Hotels and Resorts is proud to announce the dates of the 2019 Walkerhill Cherry Blossom Festival, which will run from April 6th through 28th. Mt. Acha provides the ideal place to appreciate spring’s cherry blossoms as they flutter in the wind, and Walkerhill’s signature event signals the arrival of spring each year. This year it will all be set in a “Newtro” (new + retro) concept which will include entertainment and delicious gourmet events.

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[“Newtro” Concept Walkerhill Cherry Blossom Festival Main Poster]

■ Feel Spring Surrounded by Thousands of Cherry Blossoms
With the theme of “A Walk in the Clouds”, Walkerhill’s 28th annual Cherry Blossom Festival announces the dates for their festival events . The famous Wine Fair will be happening on the weekends of April 6-7 and 13-14, while the Beer Fair will be held on the weekends of April 20-21 and 27-28. The legendary Wine Fair gives visitors an opportunity to try tons of amazing wines and take them home at very reasonable prices. There will be food trucks serving dishes to pair with the wines and “Tasting Boxes” with unique drinks and snacks will also be on sale. Visitors can pair their wine and beer with the Cherry Blossom Lunch Boxes, an original to this festival, Barbeque Lunch Boxes, candied strawberry skewers (tanghulu), warm sake (atsukan) and sushi. Admission to the “A Walk in the Clouds” Beer Fair is KRW 10,000 per person while the Wine Fair is KRW 30,000. The purchase of 1 admission provides visitors with entry to the festival as well as tasting tickets. Wine Fair admission includes an eco-bag, a Riedel wine glass for your tastings and various cheeses to snack on. Children ages 3 to 19 will receive cherry cookies. (Admission fee for minors is 5,000 won)

The inside of the hotel will be overflowing with cherry blossom-inspired dishes to help you savor spring. The Grand Walkerhill Lobby Lounge, The Pavilion, will offer a Floral Tea and Sweets set as well as cherry blossom cake. Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s social lounge Re:Bar will serve two kinds of cherry cocktails, while Japanese restaurant Moegi will be serving an array of sushi and sushi sets featuring local specialties.

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[Photo caption: Some of this year’s dining options at the Walkerhill Cherry Blossom Festival]

■ Entertainment elements of ‘Newtro’ concept rather than retro
During the “A Walk in the Clouds” Cherry Blossom Festival will come alive with various entertainment. Live performances, 80s & 90s concept DJ booths and photo zones will be running to bring the “Newtro” (new-retro) concept to life through music. During the Beer Fair, there will be an art market where you can browse various artworks, and during the Wine Fair, Walkerhill will host a sommelier field event and a wine blind taste test event. And to top it all off, a “Newtro” concept party will be held at Vista Plaza Walkerhill Seoul’s social lounge Re:Bar on April 13th, which promises to induce nostalgia in millennials and the prior generation.

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[Photo caption: Walkerhill’s Cherry Blossom Annual Festival (Pizzahill Crossroads)]

■ “Newtro” Concept Walkerhill Gala Dinners Surrounded by Cherry Blossoms
The Walkerhill will host exotic gala dinners from our signature restaurants during the peak cherry blossom season under the “Newtro” theme. On April 12th, the 8th “Empress’s Dinner” will be held at Aston House, hosted by Geumryong, the gourmet Chinese restaurant. Geumryong’s chefs will prepare a massive array of dishes in an attempt to recreate the most fabulous banquet in Chinese history, the “Manhanjeonseok,” and all of the dishes will be paired with carefully selected varieties of the Chinese liquor, Baekju. (KRW 250,000 per person) On April 18th, the 7th Walkerhill Gala Dinner will be held at the Aston House and hosted by our signature Italian restaurant, Del Vino. The theme of the event is from the classic movie, “Roman Holiday,” and will consist of seven courses (including courses using the world’s 3 greatest delicacies) with each course paired with a different wines. (KRW 500,000 per person) Finally, on April 25th, at the Japanese restaurant Moegi, Kaiseki master Tsurumi will showcase a “Sake Dinner” with modern interpretation of traditional Kyoto cuisine.

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