Walkerhill Announces Indoor/Outdoor Newtro, Cherry Blossom & Gourmet Programs for Spring

Guests to Walkerhill can enjoy spring no matter what the air quality!
Walkerhill Announces Indoor/Outdoor Newtro, Cherry Blossom & Gourmet Programs for Spring

• Room packages allow guests to experience the cherry blossoms even in inclement weather, including poor air quality
• Events related to newtro(new + retro) trends, entertainment and a wide array of gourmet experiences will all be happening

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Walkerhill’s Cherry Blossom Annual Festival (Pizzahill Crossroads)

It’s time to awaken from our winter hibernation and plan an exciting spring! Whereas it used to be the season to head out and join the crowds to hike and frolic outside, this year many are avoiding outdoor activities because of bad air quality. Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts, known for its seasonal cherry blossom festival & other attractions, brings you a variety of indoor programs ensure you can feel the spring feel no matter what the air is like.

워커힐호텔, 벚꽃축제, 2019 파빌리온 메뉴, Walkerhill, Cherry blossoms Festival, 2019 The Pavilion Menu

The Floral Tea and Sweets Set available at The Pavillion Lobby Lounge during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

워커힐호텔, 벚꽃축제, 2019 리바 메뉴, Walkerhill, Cherry blossoms Festival, 2019 ReBAR Menu

Cherry Cocktails available at the premium social lounge Re:BAR during the festival.

First, you can enjoy a room package to enjoy cherry blossoms indoors & newtro themed-menu items. Spring Packages for Grand Walkerhill Seoul and Douglas House include Pizzahill pizzas to go, allowing guests to gaze at the lovely cherry-blossom covered scenery of Mount Acha while enjoying in-room dining. Meanwhile the Vista Walkerhill Seoul package offers breakfast at The Buffet and access to Wellness Sauna, making for a tremendous local staycation. Grand Walkerhill Seoul’s Lobby Lounge, The Pavilion, will feature a set of floral teas and sweets while Vista’s social lounge Re:BAR will feature two cherry blossom cocktails. You can enjoy “Sakura Soba” and flower sushi at the signature Japanese restaurant, MOEGI.

Walkerhill will also be holding a variety of fragrant gourmet dining feasts. Hosted by our signature Chinese restaurant Geumryong, the “Baekju Dinner” will be held on April 12th at Aston House and will feature a dining menu paired with Chinese Baekju which recreates dishes in the 1995 hit, “Chinese Feast,” including Sweet and Sour Fish. This unique dining experience will cost KRW 250,000 per person. Aston House will also be the setting for “The 7th Walkerhill Gala Dinner” on April 18th, which will be prepared by the chefs of our signature Italian restaurant Del Vino, and takes the theme of the classic film “Roman Holiday.” The menu boasts 7 courses, including dishes made with world’s three greatest delicacies, and will be served with a wine uniquely paired for each course. This rare dining opportunity will cost KRW 500,000 per person. Finally, on April 25th Japanese restaurant MOEGI will host as Sake Dinner, Head Chef Tsurumi, a master of Kaiseki cuisine, will create a modern interpretation of traditional Kyoto Kaiseki cuisine. Dishes will be paired with sake, and in true Kyoto dining style, will put an emphasis on the simple flavors of fresh, colorful ingredients. This evening of dining and sake will be KRW 300,000 per person.

Vista Walkerhill Seoul’s social lounge ‘Re:BAR’ will host a Newtro(new + retro) concept party that will empathize with the millennial generation and there will be scents that will elicit plenty of reminiscing for customers in their 30s and 40s. Starting at 8 pm on Saturday, April 13th, Re:BAR will have retro decorations and music and guests will receive a welcome drink.

Walkerhill will hold a variety of April events, including the outdoor cherry blossom festival with a “Newtro” (new + retro) concept. For more information, visit the official website (www.walkerhill.com) or call +82-2-455-5000.