Walkerhill Receives 2019 National Brand Award Winner of Hotel & Resort Division for 3 Consecutive Years

For the third consecutive year in a row, Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts was awarded top spot in the Hotel & Resort Division in the 2019 National Brand Awards.

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[Photo caption: Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts Vice President Cheolho Kim (right) receives the 2019 National Brand Award]

Winners of the National Brand Awards are selected through online consumer research, based on structured questions regarding brand awareness, satisfaction, loyalty, global competitiveness, and brand equity. Walkerhill held the top spot in each category, thereby procuring its spot as the Grand Prize winner in the Hotel & Resort category. This year marks the third consecutive year of receiving this honor, starting with the first year of the creation of an independently owned and operated Walkerhill brand in 2017. The main Walkerhill hotels were previously the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill and W Seoul Walkerhill, operated under an agreement with the Starwood global hotel group. The agreement ended in 2016 and the Walkerhill brand has been growing its exclusive brand presence since January 2017. Since 2018, Walkerhill has implemented a program to become a recognized global brand itself, through constant efforts to innovate and add customer value.

In 2019, Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts will continue to expand its existing brand assets both domestically and internationally, including Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Douglas House and Darakhyu, the capsule hotel brand. The Vista Walkerhill Seoul brand’s concept of ‘Refreshing. Vividly.’ in particular seeks to deliver an urban destination that provides an exciting stay experience that inspires, revitalizes and energizes. In that vein, Walkerhill is seeking to harmonize with the surrounding natural environment to create various activities and programs that only Walkerhill can deliver.

[Photo caption: An exterior shot of Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts located at Gwangjin-gu, Seoul]

Kim Cheolho, Vice President of Walkerhill Hotel Division remarked “we are honored to win the National Brand Grand Prix for the third consecutive year, and are grateful to our customers who have supported us,” and stated that “Walkerhill will continue to improve integrated branding even more, and improve awareness and global competitiveness, striving to become the top urban resort in the heart of the city through our service and hospitality.”