On the evening of the 23rd of last month, Vista Walkerhill Seoul hosted the first performance in our ‘VISTAGE’ series, entitl..

As part of the Vista brand renewal campaign, Vista Walkerhill Seoul will be hosting the “VISTART” exhibition in the Vista Wal..

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Vista Walkerhill Seoul, the hotel has undertaken a renewal of the “Vista” brand concept.

비스타 워커힐 서울은 지난 23일 저녁, ‘VISTAGE(비스테이지)’의 첫 번째 공연, ‘2019 VISTAGE Voice 1 – Let`s Get Lost with Winterplay’를 성황..

비스타 워커힐 서울은 오픈 2주년을 맞이해 ‘리프레싱 비비들리’ 콘셉트로 ‘VISTA’ 브랜드 재도약에 나선다.