Wellness Club: The Total Wellness Solution by Walkerhill

Anyone looking for a hotel that can provide an escape from the stress and fatigue caused by everyday life, we have your answer. The Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club is jointly operated by Walkerhill Hotel & Resorts and HealthConnect, a healthcare company established through a collaboration between Seoul National University Hospital and SK Telecom.

The Wellness Club offers the first ever hotel stay program in Korea that immerses guests in a healthy lifestyle and provides specialized healthcare facilities and programs. Rest comfortably in a luxury hotel while you receive consultation from experts on systemic health care. Develop a completely healthy new lifestyle at the Vista Walkerhill Wellness Club surrounded by incredible amenities and spectacular views.

Your Wellness Program

Wellness programs are divided broadly into four categories: Weight Control, Posture & Pain Management, Beauty Development, and Expectant Mother Care.

Weight Control is a tailored, one-on-one program that promotes a healthy lifestyle, emphasising fat loss achieved by cultivating nutritional diet habits and exercise routines. Posture & Pain Management is also a customized, one-on-one program that corrects pelvic and vertebral issues that are often the underlying cause of pain as well as trains patients to maintain a healthy posture in daily life.

Guests will discover a variety of benefits from the Beauty Development Program, which seeks to improve posture, resolves skin conditions and provide an overall sense of security and wellbeing. Both parents can participate in Expectant Mother Care, which provides nutrition consulting, prenatal exercises, and “D line” therapy to help keep relieve mom’s stress and fatigue. Prospective guests can choose from a 2-day/1-night or 3-day/2-night program.

Premium Fitness Equipment

The Wellness Club is loaded with premium equipment especially designed to provide maximum health. A favorite of celebrities the world over, Hypoxi equipment uses low-impact exercise and advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition to supercharge your body’s natural fat burning system. The Posture Studio is equipped with Body Shaping Studio, Sling and Winback machines to stretch and correct the spinal cord, relieve pain, develop muscle tone, improve posture and reduce pain.

Our trainers will personally accompany you into the Aquatic Exercise Pool to improve balance, build up your respiratory system and fight fatigue with minimal burden on the joints and spine. In the Nutritional Counseling Room guests receive one-on-one counseling with clinical nutritionists, while Healing Forest is the perfect tranquil retreat for yoga or healing meditation.

Exclusive Perks for Wellness Club Guests

All Wellness Club participants receive physical fitness and posture assessments, exercise and nutritional consulting immediately upon check-in. Based on the results of this thorough analysis, we deliver a personalized prescription for exercise, diet and daily routine.

During your stay, you will also receive a healthy diet designed to help you balance your nutrients by eating the best of the five chefs who work at Walkerhill restaurants, including the Italian restaurant Del Vino, the Japanese restaurant Moegi and the Korean restaurant Ondal.

For those guests staying overnight, the accommodation will be in a special Wellness Deluxe Room, and includes access to the sauna, swimming pool and fitness center as well as SKYARD and Roo Membership Lounge. Your Wellness Deluxe Room is outfitted with a device that measures the quality of your sleep and relays the results to your smartphone. All of the results will be presented to you in a report available within one week of your check-out. And it doesn’t end there. Personalized care tips will be provided via your mobile phone well after you have left the hotel.

Wellness programs can be booked after consultation, as the prices differ by program and by date of stay. Visit the Vista Walkerhill website, the Wellness Club reception desk or call 02- 2022-0450 to learn more.

Wellness Program Fees (all taxes and service charges included)
□ Wellness Day Program (1 day) – KRW 380,000
□ Wellness Healing Package (1 night, 2 days) – KRW 690,000
□ Wellness Program Package (2 nights, 3 days) – KRW 1,500,000
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