Walkerhill’s Korean Restaurant Ondal Delivers of Vacuum-Packed ‘Yukgaejang’

In the era of no-contact consumption, premium hotel cuisine in your own home

Walkerhill’s Korean Restaurant Ondal Delivers of Vacuum-Packed ‘Yukgaejang’

  • Now available on “Market Kurly” & “With Nature” Walkerhill’s Ondal Korean Restaurant ‘Yukgaejang’ joins Myongwolgwan’s ‘Galbi-tang’ home delivery.
  • Easily order delicious hotel-prepared quality Korean dining delivered directly to your home. Perfect for the era of “no-contact consumption.”
워커힐 온달 육개장 가정간편식

[[Image: Ondal Yukgaejang in Convenient Vacuum Packs]

The Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts traditional Korean restaurant Ondal is famous for its Yukgaejang, a healthy Korean stew loaded with meat and vegetables in a spicy beef broth. This delicious soup is now available by delivery across Korea via the premium online food distribution channels Market Kurly and With Nature.

At a time when many people, especially the elderly and infirm, need to reduce their inter-personal contact with others, the Walkerhill has made this delicious hotel-caliber meal available to consumers at home with just a few clicks.

Packaged and delivered to provide families with an easy, healthy dining option, Yukgaejang from Ondal was first offered to the public during this past Lunar New Year holiday in January 2020 – and promptly sold more than 5,000 servings. Purchase options for Ondal Yukgaejang include a convenient 600g serving package being sold on Market Kurley for only KRW 9,800 and a gift set with 6 packages of 600g each being sold by With Nature for KRW 72,000.

Walkerhill’s Ondal is known for its modern interpretation of the cuisine reserved for royalty during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1897). As one of Ondal’s signature dishes, the artisan chefs use a variety of seasonal ingredients from around Korea to create delicious Yukgaejang using the traditional techniques of the era.

Our chefs start by meticulously boiling up a rich beef broth made with massive green onions and daikon radish. From there they take chunks of beef brisket and slowly boil them until tender and then thinly slice them to create the glorious texture of this stew.

In addition to Ondal’s Yukgaejang, consumers can also order Korea’s classic beef soup, Galbi-tang, from Walkerhill’s Korean barbeque restaurant Myongwolgwan. Developed by Walkerhill Cooking Team R & D Center, this convenient packaged meal was originally offered for sale inside Walkerhill Hotel beginning in September 2018. The response from consumers was overwhelmingly positive, with over 9,000 packages sold in less than 6 months. This success inspired a collaboration with Market Kurly beginning in January 2019 to bring this delicious product to more customers. Thanks to this collaboration, over 75,000 packages of Galbi-tang have now been sold via Market Kurley. Expert Walkerhill chefs meticulously select the best ingredients to make rich broth, 3 chunks of beef rib and 2 slices of brisket that make up the Myongwolgwan Galbi-tang, which consumers can now purchase for convenient home delivery for only KRW 15,000 from Market Kurly.

워커힐 온달 육개장 가정간편식

[Image: Ondal Yukgaejang (left) and Myongwolgwan Galbi-tang (right)]